Contract Address: 0x2938b0dcbbd19ecfd69df3b969350773ac7fe8d6
Slippage 12%

why $flux?

Buckle up. Let’s go 88 MPH into the future with FLUX Token. Welcome to our rewards based token community.
It feels comfortable here, like a family.

We care & we hold the coin together. You have questions, we have answers.

Transparency is something you don’t find in most of today’s tokens. Too many rug pulls. Too many pump & dumps. We are a team dedicated to the future. How? By rewarding our holders. At FLUX we aim to ALWAYS tell everyone, from those just inquiring about our token to our diamond hand holders, everything. Always. Period. We plan to grow with our community every step of the way. We aren’t going anywhere, after all we are your token of the future.

New Things Happening with FLUX

1.  New NFTs!

2.  A professional shill army shilling our new token and it’s launch!

3.  A NEW TOKEN THAT REWARDS USERS FOR HOLDING!!!! This is something we’ve wanted to do for awhile! What is better than buying FLUX and earning FLUX just by holding it? Now more people will be more enticed to join us and hold the coin.

4.  Automatic burns! Yes, you read that right! While the amount of coins you own increases the total supply drops. In other words over time your investment would be worth more! Also, a higher percentage of the total supply and your money would increase along with that!

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